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Heartbreaking Love Actually scenes involving lesbian couple unearthed after being cut from original film


A previously unknown storyline from loved Christmas movie Love Actually has emerged online.

The festive hit involved eight different couples whose storylines intertwined throughout the film.

However there were originally meant to be nine couples, with one getting left on the cutting room floor.

In the scenes, Anne Reid plays a headmistress caring for her terminally ill partner, played by Frances de la Tour.

The scenes, which resurfaced on Buzzfeed, had to be cut because Reid’s character was originally meant to be introduced via a subplot involving Emma Thompson’s character’s son.



However when that scene was cut, the subsequent scenes involving the characters had to be cut as well for continuity.

"When we lost the bit with Em and her son we couldn't do this. The idea was meant to be that you just casually met this very stern headmistress... 15 minutes later on in the film we suddenly fell in with the headmistress," writer/director Richard Curtis explained.

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