Saturday 14 December 2019

Has anybody seeen Cillian Murphy's Zonad?!

The makers of new Irish film Zonad have appealed for the return of an earlier version of the film starring Cillian Murphy.

Premiered in Dublin this week, the alien flick features Bachelors Walk star Simon Delaney as a Guinness-loving extraterrestrial arriving in the Irish village of Ballymoran.

But what cinema-goers might not know is this 2010 Zonad is a re-make of an earlier short film, now missing.

Long the subject of gossip in film circles, the first version of Zonad, made in 2003, starred Cillian Murphy as the alien (see inset picture) but, aside from one scene which surfaced on You Tube, has disappeared without trace.

"Cillian was in the original Zonad but the tapes got stolen. If anyone has them, we'd love to get them back," John Carney, who wrote and directed both films with his brother Ciaran, told The Diary.

The whole matter remains shrouded in mystery.

Whatever happened, when the Carney brothers decided to re-make Zonad last year, due to filming commitments Cillian Murphy was unavailable, which resulted in his co-star from the 2003 film, Simon Delaney, taking over his role.

"It was Simon's bonus that Cillian was busy but he made the part his own," added John Carney.

But did Cillian know something that Simon didn't about the red PVC suit he wears throughout the movie?

"Those suits are made for women so wearing it all day, every day, for six weeks is something I would rather forget," Simon told The Diary.

"How can I put it? As a hotel, it lacked a ballroom. It attracted attention as well. I can remember the first day's shooting, walking down the mainstreet of Avoca, Co Wicklow, wearing it. I got some funny looks, I can tell you."

Like its predecessor, the re-make is a low-budget film, surprising given director John Carney could have written his own cheques after the huge success of his previous film, Once.

"I thought with a recession and everybody broke, it was the right time to make a little comedy. There's still plenty of time to make a big-budget Hollywood film," he said.

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