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Gyllenhaal: I saw gang shooting


Jake Gyllenhaal plays a police officer in his latest film

Jake Gyllenhaal plays a police officer in his latest film

Jake Gyllenhaal plays a police officer in his latest film

Jake Gyllenhaal has revealed how he saw someone murdered right in front of his eyes while researching his latest movie End Of Watch.

The Brokeback Mountain star plays a patrol cop in the movie - written and directed by former US Navy serviceman David Ayer and co-starring Michael Pena as his partner - and he went on ride-alongs with real police to find out what it was like before they started filming.

Jake revealed: "The very first one that we went on, someone was murdered in front of me. It was a gang shooting that was obviously drug-related.

"We were the second car on the scene. I was scared at the time because it's really easy to become complacent. What was actually scariest was watching these police officers and asking myself, 'How will I function being an actor in the back seat of their car, which is an extra responsibility for them, to make sure we're safe and protected?'."

The Donnie Darko star revealed what he believes is the most interesting part of the film is not the violent crime scenes, but the relationship between the two cops.

He said: "The most interesting thing was the non-verbal communication between the police officers and the ability to switch on a dime as soon as a call comes in. They can be joking and playing around, and giving each other c**p, and as soon as a call comes in, there's a very intense focus that is almost inexplicable, something that took us months and months of sitting in a police car with two police officers to understand.

"A lot of it has to do with the situations that the police officers have faced in the past, the focus it takes to face the future and preparing for the moment that they are about to find themselves in because you never know, given the call. It could be a Code 3 call, it could be any number of things and it could turn into anything."

:: End Of Watch opens in cinemas on Friday, November 23.

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