Thursday 21 November 2019

Guitar hero Edge rocks up late to own film premiere

Jason O'Brien

THE Edge's trademark beanie hat was not simply a fashion accessory last night as the U2 star attended the Irish premiere of his new guitar documentary.

With temperatures hovering just above freezing point and road conditions still decidedly-dicey, the guitarist, Bono and their entourage were understandably late for the first showing of 'It Might Get Loud'.

However, the Irish Film Institute in Dublin 's Temple Bar decided to delay the start until the main man had arrived.

"Thanks for braving the conditions," he told the packed cinema, which included designer John Rocha, artist Guggi and RTE stars Dave Fanning and John Kelly.

The Edge joins Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and Jack White of the White Stripes in the documentary as three generations of innovative guitar players explain exactly what it is that they do.

"Jack White and Jimmy Page couldn't be here tonight but I don't think you'll miss them too much," the Edge said to laughter before claiming that White was a slow player and Page had stolen all his distinctive guitar riffs.

The movie has been critically-lauded in the US where it was released last year.

At one point during the film, the Edge plays a famous U2 riff and then demonstrates -- after killing the effects and volume on his Gibson Explorer -- the utter simplicity of what he's playing.


More revealing still are the moments when Oscar-winning director Davis Guggenheim follow the Edge around Dublin -- and indeed Page around London -- and learns about their early influences.

With the directness of punk-rock, the Edge at first felt that attitude could carry the band. But, as he improved, the Edge describes his increasing fascination with the harmonic possibilities of an electric-guitar signal run through delay pedals -- the "off-to-the-side" notes that would become his signature sound. Last night, the Edge, whose real name is Dave Evans, paid tribute to two teachers from Mount Temple school in Dublin who were in the audience, and also spoke of an early conversation with the film's director on what type of lens he would be using.

"I asked him would he be using the type of lens that makes people look tall and skinny but he said he wouldn't, that he was aiming for a realistic 'cinema verite' style," the Edge recalled.

"That's very good news I said -- now I know Bono will not be hanging around the set all the time."

While much of the film concentrates on the musicians the centerpiece is an LA encounter between all three. Here we see the Edge marvel at the secret to Jimmy Page's sensational hook from 'Whole Lotta Love' and Page struggle with a riff from U2's 'I Will Follow'.

Last night's event was a charity premiere in aid of Our Lady's Children's Hospital in Crumlin.

The film opens to the public today at the Irish Film Institute in Temple Bar, Dublin.

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