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Gripping stuff: Wrestler's film floors audiences


LIKE a good headlock, wrestler Seamus O'Shaunessy, pictured right, hopes his new movie will have audiences gripped.

The WWE star, nicknamed 'The Irish Curse', lined up beside actor Liam Cunningham at the premiere of new British and Irish-made film 'The Escapist' at the Sundance Film Festival, at the Eccles theatre, Park City, Utah.

The Cabra native's trademark ginger facial hair and wild dress sense lit up the Sundance Film Festival.

Damian Lewis, Dominic Cooper and Brian Cox also braved the cold conditions in Utah to attend the Sundance premiere.

Cunningham, who also appears in the film, said: "When you've got a cast of that level of expertise, professionalism and talent, it's very easy to say yes."

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