Monday 20 January 2020

Grace: I want to explore everything

Topher Grace wants to explore all avenues when it comes to his career
Topher Grace wants to explore all avenues when it comes to his career

Topher Grace has said he wants "a passport to everywhere" when it comes to his acting career.

The 33-year-old - who got his start in TV comedy That '70s Show, has starred in films such as Valentine's Day and Predators, and who is now the lead in off-Broadway play Lonely, I'm Not - said he doesn't want to stick to one genre, or one type of character.

He said: "I love it all. I love playing good guys. I love playing bad guys. I love theatre. I love film. I love watching TV. I want a passport to everywhere. I don't want to be exclusive to one thing.

"That is a huge problem for my agents because I think I would make more money if I focused on one specific type of character or genre... but especially while I'm young and single, I really want to explore everything."

Topher is making his professional theatre debut in Lonely, I'm Not, and although he was nervous, he is starting to realise why people get hooked on it.

"Everything that I always thought was a cliche that every actor said about the theatre - how connective it is and how it gets you back to your roots or how it's like using an acting muscle - everything they say is true," he said.

"I'll do a lot of films where I haven't met the other people that are in the film until the premiere. Here you're a really tight company and it doesn't hurt that it's springtime in New York, you know?"

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