Monday 23 October 2017

Garner puts baby before dieting

Jennifer Garner wouldn't diet after she gave birth
Jennifer Garner wouldn't diet after she gave birth

Jennifer Garner insists she would never put losing weight before the health of her baby - despite feeling pressure to get in shape.

The 37-year-old Valentine's Day star - mother to daughters Violet, four and one-year-old Seraphina with husband Ben Affleck - said she had felt pressure to lose weight after giving birth but would not diet while breastfeeding.

Jennifer said: "I'm not going to starve myself because I have a baby to take care of and nourish and that's way more important than whatever my brain thinks it needs to do."

She added: "I do feel pressure, but I can't make it come off any faster than it does and I can't seem to be pregnant without gaining 45 pounds, so there's not a lot I can do about it.

"I wish there was because I do feel the pressure and I do see the cameras, it's the one time where having people follow you and take pictures is excruciating."

Last Valentine's Day, husband Ben took her out to dinner but she was feeling hormonal after giving birth and wished she could have stayed at home.

She said: "It was a big deal for me last year because I'd just had a baby, so I was not myself and I was hormonal, it was like five weeks later, so I wanted to have dinner.

"It was my first night out to dinner and then we got there and it was so scary, I wished I could be anywhere but there."

:: Valentine's Day is released in cinemas on February 12.

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