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Frost: I chilled out with Vaughn


Nick Frost stars with Vince Vaughn in Business Trip

Nick Frost stars with Vince Vaughn in Business Trip

Nick Frost stars with Vince Vaughn in Business Trip

Nick Frost has revealed how he would drink tea and chat with Vince Vaughn when they worked on their latest movie together.

The pair star together in upcoming comedy Business Trip, and would often "shoot the breeze" during breaks on the set.

"Although the things I've done have been fairly successful and popular, he is a massive Hollywood movie star. So to get on set and realise that he's just like us, me and Simon (Pegg) and Chris (O'Dowd), and he does the same thing," he said.

"We chat and talk rubbish about things and have a laugh, he gets a cup of tea. It's very refreshing to see that it's like that and he's like that. It was a really good experience."

Nick - who stars in dance comedy Cuban Fury - said yes immediately when he was approached with the role.

Vince plays a struggling American businessman, who decides to take his team on an eventful journey to Europe in a bid to win a lucrative contract in Business Trip, which will be released later this year.

Tom Wilkinson, Sienna Miller, Dave Franco and James Marsden appear in the film, although details about their characters have been kept under wraps.

"Ken Scott, the director, phoned me and said, 'We'd love you to be in this film'. That's very flattering when you don't need to read for a film and you're just offered lovely parts," the 41-year-old recalled.

"I read the script and my character is a lovely man, so I said yes, fantastic. It gave me a chance to see how Vince does it. And i t was fantastic. It was so nice."

:: Cuban Fury opens in cinemas on February 14.

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