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Flippant comedy gives a good time

(16, general release, 85 minutes)

Director: Jamie Travis Stars: Seth Rogan, Ari Graynor, Lauren Miller, Mimi Rogers, Justin Long


Lauren Miller, wife of Seth Rogen, is the brains behind this frothy, flippant, tasteless but oddly enjoyable comedy.

She produces, co-wrote and co-stars in For a Good Time, Call ... , playing a middle-class New Yorker who resorts to desperate measures in order to fund her upscale lifestyle.

Miller is Lauren, a winsome twenty-something who is smarting from the double blow of losing her boyfriend and her high-flying job in publishing.

Her gay friend, Jesse (Justin Long, camping it up with aplomb) comes to her rescue by putting her in touch with Katie (Ari Graynor), an old college friend who's about to lose her fancy apartment overlooking Gramercy Park if she doesn't find a co-tenant.

There's bad blood between Katie and Lauren, and at first they don't get on at all.

But when strait-laced Lauren finds out that Katie moonlights as a phone-sex girl she's intrigued, and they set up a very lucrative business together.

This is broad-strokes comedy, but Graynor and Miller are excellent in the lead roles and succeed in making their characters real and palatable.

For a Good Time Call ... does tend to suggest that phone sex chat lines are pretty harmless, which they probably aren't.

However, if you can forgive it that then it's surprisingly likeable, and Miller's husband Rogen appears in an unflattering but very amusing cameo.

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