Sunday 8 December 2019

Fishburne: TV ahead of the movies

Laurence Fishburne says TV is ahead of films in plotlines
Laurence Fishburne says TV is ahead of films in plotlines

Laurence Fishburne has claimed TV is ahead of the movies in terms of storylines.

The former Matrix star, who plays Dr Raymond Langston in hit TV drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, said the movies may be ahead with the technology, but TV has the gripping stories.

Laurence said: "I would say in the last 25 years, television - in many respects - has been way ahead of the movies in terms of the stories that people are willing to tell, and sometimes the movies are ahead of television in terms of the technology that they're able to actually use."

He added: "But all mediums for me are a lot of fun. I don't have any kind of allegiance or feel like one is better than the other."

The 48-year-old's CSI character Langston is stuck with dead bodies, murder weapons and the vice of Las Vegas's underbelly, armed only with the forensic tools he uses to decipher crimes.

He said: "If you spend a lot of time on the stories that we tell, a lot of them could make you very, very depressed very easily. I think part of the appeal is that at least some of the time we actually solve these crimes.

"And I think that gives people hope and comfort. We work with real CSIs, people who have done this job and it's reassuring knowing that there are people who have decided to do this job that actually go about the business of trying to find bad people."

:: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation continues on Tuesdays on Five.

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