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Monday 18 November 2019

Firth celebrates birthday at TIFF

Colin Firth was celebrating his brithday in Toronto with co-star Emily Blunt
Colin Firth was celebrating his brithday in Toronto with co-star Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt revealed Colin Firth was being forced to celebrate his 52nd birthday at the Toronto International Film Festival, although he wasn't the partying sort.

The Oscar-winning actor and Emily star together in dark comedy Arthur Newman, which was showing at TIFF on Colin's birthday, and so she and the crew were insisting he mark the occasion.

Emily said: "He's quite lovely, when he's in a good mood. Like today because it's his birthday.

"I think we're going out to dinner after this or something. Some kind of celebration. He's one of those people who doesn't want to celebrate his birthday, but he's being forced to!"

The pair agreed their characters in the film, about two characters trying to escape their past by moving into an abandoned house together, were very different.

Emily said: "It's quite a dark strange little movie and it was interesting having to play people who are lonely and yearning for something more. They are quite lost both of them."

Colin added: "The characters are people who trespass and cross thresholds, they break rules. Whether it's about just the rules that keep your own life in place, or trespassing onto other peoples lives."

Meanwhile, The King's Speech star admitted it would be interesting to see Samuel West's take on King George VI in new film Hyde Park On Hudson, which was showing at the festival the same evening.

Colin quipped: "He's a phenomenal actor - perhaps I don't want to see it!"

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