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Emily Browning in Pompeii

Emily Browning in Pompeii

Emily Browning in Pompeii

Well, they do say that all roads lead to Rome. It certainly proves to be the case for Milo (Kit Harington), the hunky hero at the heart of proceedings in Paul W.S. Anderson's swords and sandals epic, Pompeii.

Sold into slavery as a child in Britain after a bloody massacre perpetrated by a Roman legion under the command of the dastardly Corvus (Kiefer Sutherland) wiped out his family, this accomplished killing machine eventually pitches up in Pompeii over a decade later, just as the nearby Mount Vesuvius is about to blow.

Milestones along the way include a quick stop-off in London where Milo's prowess as a gladiator earns him a promotion to the big leagues closer to Rome. Honourable mention should also be granted to the pothole (as opposed to plothole, they come later) along the aforementioned road to Rome that facilitates the chance meeting between Milo and Cassia (Emily Browning).

Later in Pompeii, Milo's gladiatorial prowess is soon put to the test as he becomes a pawn in a devious plot aimed at making a shedload of money for the still dastardly Corvus.

For a director who has become synonymous with shock and awe special effects, Anderson seems strangely subdued this time around. It's difficult to get excited about a hero called Milo at the best of times, but Game of Thrones star Harington seems lost on the big screen, a verdict that can also be delivered on Sutherland's erratic turn. 3D hell is unleashed with the eruption of the volcano but the lava is the only thing that flows in this misfiring affair.


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