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Film reviews: Plastic


Emma Rigby in the movie Plastic

Emma Rigby in the movie Plastic

Emma Rigby in the movie Plastic

IT WAS famously said of Robin Hood that he "stole from the rich and gave to the poor." Remove the "gave to the poor" bit and you're well on the way to knowing the modus operandi of the criminal outfit at the heart of hit-and-miss British heist movie, Plastic.

When we initially encounter this gang of four, Sam (Ed Speleers), Fordy (Will Poulter), Yatesey (Alfie Allen) and Rafa (Sebastian De Souza), they're a bunch of business students whose nefarious activities are mostly a sideline to help them get through business college.

With a title like Plastic, it shouldn't come as a surprise to read that credit card fraud is a speciality. Tech smarts coupled with deft handiwork has resulted in a lucrative cottage industry fuelled by stolen pin numbers and cloned credit cards.

Self destruction strikes, however, when they get on the wrong side of a criminal gang led by Marcel (Thomas Kretschmann). If they can't deliver two million in two weeks then this sociopath has promised them an audience with a shallow grave.

Enter the eye candy in the head-turning shape of Frankie (Emma Rigby). She's a data processor in a credit card company who agrees to go rogue having been seduced by conman-in-chief Sam's phony patter. Next stop Miami and an assault on the credit cards of the rich and famous. Faster than you can say dishonour amongst thieves, things take a turn for the pear-shaped.

The story depicted here is remarkable but uneven production values and a couple of dodgy American accents spoil it.

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