Thursday 20 June 2019

Film reviews: Brick Mansions

Cert 15A

Actor Paul Walker died in a car crash last year
Actor Paul Walker died in a car crash last year

Hilary A White

WITH our fascination for dystopias showing no sign of abating, the city of Detroit is scuffed up more than it already is for this hopeless collaboration between studios in France and Canada.

A large part of you wants to attribute the failings of Brick Mansions to some cultural glitch in co-operation between its film-making partners. Alas, it is simply a case of bad film-making that makes an ignoble final screen outing for the late Paul Walker (inset).

Unscrupulous businessmen want to tear down the no-go-zone known as Brick Mansions where power is held by the terrifyingly named gang leader Tremaine Alexander (rapper RZA). His nemesis is a Gallic vigilante called Lino (David Belle) who spends his time jumping in and out of windows and tormenting Alexander's drug dealers.

When it's decided that cop Damien (Walker) should infiltrate the ghetto and recapture a stolen nuke that could destroy the city, Lino is just the man to help him. In they go, for lots of running around and snappy chat, hoping to rescue Lino's squeeze Lola (Catalina Denis) and disarm the bomb.

If it sounds familiar that's because this is a remake of District 13, only this time director Camille Delamarre has concentrated on laughable dialogue and inane narrative leaps to provide filler between punch-ups. Steer well clear.

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