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Film Review: Zookeeper * *

Kevin James is a master at portraying amiable idiots, and his character in Zookeeper is a particularly endearing fool. Griffin Keyes is a gifted keeper at a small city zoo who has been consistently unlucky in love.

What Griffin doesn't know is that all the animals can talk, and when his ex Stephanie encourages him to leave the zoo for a more lucrative job, the beasts intervene. This being a Hollywood fantasy, Rosario Dawson is knocking around in the background. She too has feelings for the keeper, who now has some big decisions to make.

But there's something ugly about the live-action talking animal routine that recalls the worst excesses of the 50s Disney nature films, and this shortcoming is compounded by a fairly dreary script. Even junior viewers may find their patience tested by this heavy-handed comedy.

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