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Monday 9 December 2019

Farrell: It's lovely to get home

Colin Farrell returned to his home country to make Ondine
Colin Farrell returned to his home country to make Ondine

Colin Farrell has revealed it was "strange" returning to Ireland to shoot his new movie, Ondine.

The Dublin-born heartthrob now lives in Los Angeles but went back to his home country to make the modern fairytale.

"At first it was a bit strange - I was once an actor in Dublin trying to get work, then I became an actor who lived in Dublin trying to get work internationally and then I moved to Los Angeles and became an actor working in Dublin, so it's a bit confusing," he laughed.

"But it's lovely to get home."

Farrell says the Ondine shoot, in the fishing town of Castletownbere in the far south-west of Ireland, marked him as having come "full circle" as it was there he began his acting career 12 years ago, in a TV series called Falling For A Dancer.

"It's just a beautiful part of the world to be in," he says.

In Ondine, Farrell plays Syracuse, an Irish fisherman whose life is transformed when he catches a beautiful and mysterious woman in his fishing nets. Syracuse's daughter, Annie, comes to believe that Ondine is a magical creature and Syracuse himself falls helplessly in love, but like all fairytales, enchantment and darkness are intertwined.

"I can't remember having such an affinity and sense of instant connection with a character in any job I've done, than I had with Syracuse," said the 33-year-old.

:: Ondine opens in cinemas on March 5.

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