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Far and away his worst films

Far and Away (1992)

There've been a lot of bad Hollywood films set in Ireland over the years, but Far and Away is among the very worst. Cruise and Nicole Kidman were at the height of their combined star power in 1992, and came to Ireland with a vast crew and a $60m budget.

They shot in Dingle and Dublin, but Cruise's exposure to real Irish people did nothing to moderate his bizarre accent. He was Joseph Donnelly, a hotheaded peasant who tried to top his landlord. Kidman was the landlord's daughter who sneaks away with him to America. It was awful, but unintentionally funny, especially when Cruise shouts out lines like "I've no wish to fight ya!".

Vanilla Sky (2001)

"A manifestation of its star's cosmic narcissism," was how a Village Voice reviewer assessed Vanilla Sky, a project that Tom Cruise co-produced and oversaw after buying the American rights to a Spanish movie called Open Your Eyes.

On screen for practically the whole film, Tom played David Aames, a wealthy New York publisher and ladies' man who's forced to reassess his life after being tastefully disfigured in a car crash orchestrated by an embittered ex-girlfriend.

Cruise got to share the screen with beauties like Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz, but Vanilla Sky was a pretentious mess, and pushed Tom too far outside his acting comfort zone.

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