Sunday 19 January 2020

Ewan's not worried about stripping

Ewan McGregor says his wife doesn't mind his nude scenes
Ewan McGregor says his wife doesn't mind his nude scenes

Ewan McGregor's wife is happy for him to bare all on the big screen.

The Scottish star - who strips off in forthcoming movie The Ghost - said that the only time his wife Eve disapproved was when she was expecting their daughter.

He told "My wife has always been okay with them except when she was pregnant with our first daughter, Clara, and I went off to do the sex scene in Trainspotting."

He recalled: "Hormonally, she was all over the place. We had a massive fight about it. But that's the only time it's ever been an issue.

"It's a weird situation to be seeing your partner in an emotional and sexual embrace with someone else in front of an audience of people. But it's my job. And, ultimately, she's completely cool with it."

The Star Wars actor, who has stripped off several times for the big screen, added: "I'm not an exhibitionist - I'm just very comfortable being naked in movies because I think and I believe that movies reflect real life; I never thought that it was gratuitous."

He said: "I've never understood actors who have rules against nudity - I wouldn't consider myself an actor if I had a list of things I won't do."

:: The Ghost, which also stars Pierce Brosnan, will be released on April 16.

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