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Ever hear the one about the Kerryman who didn't win an oscar?

• Irish entertainment correspondents should remove their green jerseys -- for fear of suffocation by woolly thinking. The news that Kerryman Michael Fassbender was not nominated for an Oscar for his performance in the acclaimed movie Shame was reported in many corners of the media as a "snub" and, in more than one case, as an "Irish snub" -- as though the Academy of Motion Picture Arts had somehow delivered a verdict on our worthiness as a nation.

Fassbender is a fine actor, and his elevation to Hollywood's top table is a fascinating tale of talent, hard work and dumb luck.

However, the relentless chronicling of his career by the red-carpet elves as a barometer of Ireland's standing in the world bespeaks a virulent level of national inferiority masquerading as national pride.

Shame, indeed.

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