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Evans makes directorial debut


Chris Evans also stars in his directorial debut Before We Go

Chris Evans also stars in his directorial debut Before We Go

Chris Evans also stars in his directorial debut Before We Go

Chris Evans has admitted he took on a huge challenge when he chose to star in his directorial debut.

The Captain America action man put down his Marvel shield and picked up his director's cap for Before We Go, about a street musician and a woman who misses her train who spend the night in Grand Central Station.

Speaking at the movie's premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, the heartthrob said: "I was passionate to be honest, the first time out you are just excited when you get an opportunity.

"I loved this project but it was also owned by people who were willing to give it to me. It was a simple story that read like a play and it was manageable and it's a romance and I like romance."

Asked about stepping in front of the camera whilst also directing, he said: "It was a challenge but I liked the responsibility."

The Avengers hunk said he knew the time was right to direct when he realised he wanted to be involved in so much more than the performances.

"I grew up as an actor but the more movies you make, you realise what I really like is movies, I like film, I like the experience of being moved by a movie and even though acting is wonderful, it's a really small piece of the puzzle.

"I wanted to have more involvement in terms of creating the story and choosing the shots and being able to be the architect behind the way the story is spoon-fed to the audience."

Alice Eve plays Brooke Dalton, the woman left stranded in New York after she misses her train to Boston, and she said she formed a great partnership with the first time director.

"We had a really good experience, he was very sure of what he wanted technically but it was very collaborative creatively.

"If you don't get on you might need a third party to mediate but we got on really well."

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