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Evans happy to reprise Dracula role


Luke Evans said he'll be up for playing Dracula again

Luke Evans said he'll be up for playing Dracula again

Luke Evans said he'll be up for playing Dracula again

Luke Evans has revealed he would sign up to play Dracula again.

The Welsh star portrayed Vlad the Impaler in Dracula Untold, which is tipped to spawn a sequel. The character could also appear in a future The Mummy film or other movies in a planned reboot of the Universal Monsters franchise, the film's producer Alissa Phillips has hinted.

"Absolutely. I love playing Vlad. I'd be very happy if I was asked to play him again or to reprise the role," he said.

Luke teased that the potential follow-up would be "bigger and better" than Gary Shore's movie, which also starred Charles Dance, Dominic Cooper and Sarah Gadon.

" If there is a second film, I think the ante is going to be upped massively. I don't know where or how it will be, or who will be in it, but the duty of a sequel is it has to be bigger and better, scarier and crazier than the first. So who knows?" he said.

"What's great about Vlad is that he's immortal, so as long as he keeps to certain rules in the vampire world, he can transcend time. He can be anywhere. The story is a fascinating idea and I like the fact that concept is as broad and interesting."

The 34-year-old hunk, who played Bard the Bowman in Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy, hopes he'll get to try some interesting weapons in the sequel.

"I'd like to try out a machine gun, or maybe a tank," he said. "We had Turkish cannons in Dracula, which were amazing. They were humongous things - 10 metres long and giant cannon balls shot out of them. They were really cool."

Dracula Untold is out on Blu-ray and DVD on February 9.

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