Wednesday 22 January 2020

Eva: Anchorman is a masterpiece

Eva Mendes is a huge fan of Anchorman
Eva Mendes is a huge fan of Anchorman

Eva Mendes was honoured to work with Will Ferrell as she sees his work Anchorman as a cinematic masterpiece.

The sexy actress stars alongside Will and Mark Wahlberg in action comedy The Other Guys, directed by Adam McKay, and revealed at Comic-Con that Adam and Will's cult comedy Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy is her favourite film.

Eva revealed: "This movie they didn't have to work on me at all, at all. Anchorman is my favourite movie of all time - I've called it my Citizen Caine, I've called it my Gone With The Wind. So when these guys called I went running, running, running.

"Honestly I've never worked like this, so much improv and I've never had so much fun on a set."

The Hitch star joked working with Will "was tough because I'm so much funnier that Will, so it was really hard for him to deal with that".

The Other Guys is a buddy-cop parody due out in September.

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