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Emily Blunt: 'I'm blaming Jamie Dornan for any flak about my Irish accent'

Emily Blunt jokes about Northern Ireland actor Dornan's tips on perfecting Mayo brogue in new film


Talking point: Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan in new movie Wild Mountain Thyme, set in Co Mayo.

Talking point: Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan in new movie Wild Mountain Thyme, set in Co Mayo.

Talking point: Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan in new movie Wild Mountain Thyme, set in Co Mayo.

Co Down actor Jamie Dornan has been perfecting his Irish accent as he returns to the island to star in an upcoming romantic drama.

The Holywood man held an immediate advantage over his co-star, Golden Globe winner Emily Blunt, as they got up close and personal in new Irish love story Wild Mountain Thyme.

Filmed in Co Mayo, it is an adaptation of American playwright John Patrick Shanley's Outside Mullingar. The film sees Dornan (38) and Blunt (37) take on the roles of two neighbours turned lovers caught up in a family land dispute.

A step back from their usual blockbuster titles, the pair discussed their attempts at a southern brogue - so often a source of mockery when mimicked by A-listers on the silver screen.

"Admittedly, a lot easier for me," Dornan said in a joint interview.

"I'm actually from about 120 miles from where the movie is set, and Emily, there's an ocean between her and where the movie is set. Or the Irish Sea, certainly. So, it was definitely easier for me, but she's amazing."

The London-born actress, who now lives in New York with her film star husband John Krasinski, was quick to reveal her co-star's own reluctance to let her in on the secrets of the accent.

"Well, Jamie's from Northern Ireland. So we were both sort of thrown in at the deep end having to do an accent that was unfamiliar," she told People.

"I'll admit, I'm sure I had a tougher time with it than he did initially, but he's not usually one to give people tips, he's the most unpresumptuous person ever.

"But he assured me that I sounded Irish and I'm going to believe him. So if he's wrong, I'm going to blame him for any backlash on my accent."

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After playing Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, Wild Mountain Thyme is a much smaller independent project. Dornan discussed how he easily identified with new character Anthony Reilly, an awkward and strange farmer with a certain quirkiness surrounding him.

"And for me, with Anthony, he has a lot of oddness and sort of a quite unusual way of being physically, and certainly emotionally. I feel that humans and definitely myself, and Emily will vouch for this, I have a lot of oddness and quirks and stuff," Dornan explained.

"I loved that I was able to play a character where I could not only release those quirky tendencies or oddities but enhance them and let them sort of flourish with Anthony."

Due for release this December, Wild Mountain Thyme was the first time Dornan and Blunt had worked together. Blunt said: "I was so thrilled to work with him. And we were both just so taken with this script and I remember talking about it, like why we were both so bewitched by it. It's the most beautiful, eccentric, strange poem of a film."

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