Monday 22 July 2019

EL James: I fought hard for fans

Fifty Shades Of Grey author EL James has revealed how she battled to get things right for the upcoming film.

The big-screen adaptation of her erotic novel, which premieres at the Berlin Film Festival tonight (February 11), stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson as lovers Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

As a producer on the movie, EL had a lot of creative clout, which she used to her advantage in spite of creative differences with director Sam Taylor-Johnson.

"I was thinking about the readers. Coming from fandom, I know what it's like when you're let down by certain things, and I just didn't want to do that. What I can say is, we got there in the end. I had to fight for a lot of things really hard. And I did," she said.

"My readers are the people I've always had in my mind. I understand the disappointment when key scenes are forgotten, or missing, so I was an advocate for them."

Amongst the scenes the 51-year-old writer fought for is Anastasia's introduction to Christian's Red Room of Pain.

"Well, the Red Room, for example, wasn't red at first. But it's things like this, within any creative process, when you're the auteur of a whole universe, and then, you're spreading it out..." she explained.

"It's not always going to be aligned with how you saw it. But beneath it all, I was just hoping that we'd have something that the fans would be happy with."

EL also wanted the love scenes to be "tasteful", saying: "My biggest concern was making sure that the sex was really classy and tasteful. It's very coyly written in the books. Women don't like salacious slang. So that was really important to me, to keep it tasteful."

She also revealed there was a "discussion" over the final cut, but added: "I am very happy with the final scene."

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