Wednesday 22 January 2020

Eddie takes on father of a role

Eddie Marsan says he drew on his own experiences for the role
Eddie Marsan says he drew on his own experiences for the role

Eddie Marsan drew on his own experiences of fatherhood for the film, Junkhearts.

The London-born actor plays ex-soldier Frank, who tries to take on a fatherly role to a young couple - played by Candese Reid and Tom Sturridge.

"Frank is an alcoholic ex-soldier suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and is haunted by nightmares - he's very vulnerable so lets drug dealers into his house to deal. I'm a father so I know what it's like to be a father and worry about not being a good father, which is what my character does," he said on the film's London set.

Eddie, who has appeared in Hollywood blockbusters like Miami Vice, Hancock and Mission Impossible III, had initial doubts about the film, directed by Bafta-winner Tinge Krishnan.

"I read the script, which was good, but to be honest, it never came off the page," he explained.

"Then I was sent Tinge's showreel and saw what she did before, and I realised how talented she is. It's a very small film so it's very flexible, and I'm enjoying that flexibility."

He added: "The director has suffered from PTSD, so we based a lot of the character on her experience. She helps me with these major scenes and gives me a point of reference."

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