Tuesday 24 October 2017

Duncan Jones' Oscar disappointment

Duncan Jones was disappointed that Moon didn't get an Oscar
Duncan Jones was disappointed that Moon didn't get an Oscar

Duncan Jones was delighted to be at the Baftas but confessed he was disappointed not to have got an Oscar nomination for his film Moon.

Moon had several Bafta nominations and Duncan - son of David Bowie - and producer Stuart Fenegan were excited to be at the ceremony, but admitted they had hoped their campaign to get an Oscar nomination for Moon star Sam Rockwell had worked.

Duncan said: "To be honest we didn't get the nomination because we were trying to get Sam Rockwell the nomination, because I think he made our film possible and I think he's an amazing actor."

He added: "I think we both feel thrilled to be here but a little bit heartbroken that Sam didn't come as well with a nomination, but he's an amazing actor. So whatever happens tonight I'll just keep going on about how amazing Sam was."

The pair had just flown in from Montreal, where they have been working on their next project.

Duncan revealed: "It's called Source Code with Jake Gyllenhaal, Vera Farmiga and Michelle Monaghan, so it's a bigger more Hollywood film, so it should be exciting."

Speaking about the huge success the sci-fi thriller Moon has already had at awards ceremonies this year, he laughed: "It's fantastic our shelf runneth over all from the one film which is very lovely."

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