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Director booted from Cannes for Hitler gaffe


Filmmaker Lars von Trier

Filmmaker Lars von Trier

Filmmaker Lars von Trier

DANISH filmmaker Lars von Trier was kicked out of the Cannes Film Festival yesterday after a bizarre, rambling news conference in which he said he sympathised with Adolf Hitler.

The expulsion, the first in 64 years, followed a hastily convened meeting of its board of directors.

"Using the Cannes Film Festival to say such intolerable things is to tarnish its image," said festival president Gilles Jacob. "The festival had no choice but to react very strongly."

The comments ignited shock from the moment they spilled out of the director's mouth, causing Kirsten Dunst, an actress in his film 'Melancholia', to lean over and whisper to von Trier: "Oh my God, this is terrible."

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