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DiCaprio: Wolf is misunderstood

Leonardo DiCaprio has claimed that The Wolf Of Wall Street is misunderstood by its critics and is actually taking a stand against corrupt bankers.

The film stars Leonardo as criminal stockbroker Jordan Belfort and is based on his true story, but critics have slammed it for celebrating the actions of Jordan and his peers.

Inception star Leonardo explained to Variety: "This film may be misunderstood by some; I hope people understand we're not condoning this behaviour, that we're indicting it.

"The book was a cautionary tale and if you sit through the end of the film, you'll realise what we're saying about these people and this world, because it's an intoxicating one.

"I think it's amazing somebody like Martin Scorsese is still making films that are vital and talked about, and have an element of controversy about them and are appealing to people of my generation. We grew up watching his films and he's still making stuff that's punk rock. It's an amazing achievement."

He continued: "There are two films I've been passionate about making, this and The Aviator. To get to work with Marty at this point in his career and to make a movie that takes a lot of chances...

"People - no matter what their attitude is after seeing the film - should understand this is a film that's outside the box and is very difficult to get done in this day and age; it almost never happens. That in its own right is commendable.

"I'm proud that films like this can still be somehow made; that's in huge part due to our financiers who said, 'Look, we understand that studios are doing a certain type of film but we believe there is an audience for films that don't fit the criteria for a blockbuster but deserve to get made'."

Leonardo added of his appreciation of the funding: "Thank God there are people who have taste for experimental filmmaking at this level and who really want to endorse this type of film. Because if it weren't for them, we wouldn't see any types of film like this."

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