Tuesday 20 March 2018

Declan Cashin - Reel Life: James Cameron on Reddit

The truth is out there: in Reddit's Ask Me Anything feature, James Cameron thought the Aliens prequel was beautiful and thought provoking but 'didn't add up logically'
The truth is out there: in Reddit's Ask Me Anything feature, James Cameron thought the Aliens prequel was beautiful and thought provoking but 'didn't add up logically'

Declan Cashin

Reddit's Ask Me Anything (AMA) feature continues to attract some of the biggest names in showbiz. Essentially an online fan Q&A, the past week saw two movie legends – actor Harrison Ford and director James Cameron – web up to engage with virtual little people.

Cameron's was fascinating. As director of Aliens, what did he make of sorta-not-really Alien prequel/sequel Prometheus?

"I thought it was thought provoking and beautifully, visually mounted, but at the end of the day it didn't add up logically," he said.

Naturally, the really nerdy aficionados pitched in. One asked, re: The Terminator franchise, "Are there any timelines where Skynet wins? If yes, how is this achieved?"

To which Cameron replied: "One could argue that the machines have already won. All you have to do is look around at how many people are face-down texting 100% of the time, everywhere they are, and it's hard to imagine the machines haven't won."

As for Ford's AMA, one user queried who would win in a celebrity boxing match: Han Solo or Indiana Jones?

"The promoter would win," came Ford's deadpan response.

Another, referring to Indiana Jones' fear of snakes, asked how Ford felt about the creatures.

His reply: "I actually like snakes! When I was young, I was a boy scout nature camp counsellor, and one of our projects was collecting snakes and creating an environment for them, so I'm quite familiar with snakes and think they're fantastic creatures."

Then, when someone else followed up with: "How do you feel about Nazis?", Ford gave the exact same reply as before, just with "snakes" replaced by "Nazis".

Hunt down the full AMA online, it's guaranteed to give you the feels.

* Budding filmmakers: submissions are now open for the 2014 Fingal Film Festival, which will take place from September 26-28. It's open to shorts, features, documentaries, and animation. The deadline for submissions is June 30. For more info see www.fingalfilmfest.com

* Every second story on the entertainment scene last week seemed to be about movies that have been or will be turned into a TV series. Fargo starts on Channel 4 this Sunday, while MTV released character details of its Scream series (debuting next year).

We got word that the serialisation of Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys will also air on on the digital Syfy Channel in 2015, and now the latest movie project mooted to make the move to the small screen is Peter Weir's eerily prescient 1998 reality TV satire The Truman Show.

Meanwhile, going in the reverse direction, the plan is to transform the sci-fi political allegory Battlestar Galactica (the rebooted Noughties TV version) into a movie. You have to love Hollywood's originality.

* Finally, distressing news for fans of The Shawshank Redemption.

Zihuatanejo – the Mexican beach that (20-year-old spoiler alert!) Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman settle on – is having a few environmental problems.

Tests showed the area's water contains almost double the amount of dangerous bacteria declared safe for swimming under Mexican health laws, owing to illegal polluting.

"People who swim regularly here develop skin problems," one man told local press. "It's worse now than ever before, something has to be done about it as it's bad for the town."

Hmm, sounds like you might be better off taking your chances in the river of excrement Robbins crawls through to freedom from the prison.

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