Saturday 20 January 2018

Declan Cashin: Reel life

Jennifer Aniston arrives at the 85th Academy Awards in Hollywood
Jennifer Aniston arrives at the 85th Academy Awards in Hollywood

Declan Cashin

You're not likely to have missed Will Smith and his son Jaden's recent European tour to promote their new sci-fi movie After Earth, opening here today.

Reviews from the critics haven't been exactly glowing thus far, but arguably even more damning for the movie, one of the few people on earth who has actually been to outer space has publicly found fault with the movie too.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin attended After Earth's premiere in New York last week, and told press afterwards that he didn't find its space scenes realistic.

"There was a lot of noise. In space, you don't get that much noise," said the 83-year-old Apollo 11 veteran, who famously followed Neil Armstrong onto the moon's surface in 1969.

Turning his attention back to Smith and son's movie, Aldrin joked: "I hope the aliens are more peaceful than they are in this film, wherever they are."

He added that he was quite impressed by the depiction of future space cities in the film, but, again, the man has stood on the moon's surface, so he's probably pretty hard to impress at this point.

"The place was just totally lifeless, and that prompted me to use the words, 'magnificent desolation', in contrast to the magnificent experience that humanity could move itself ahead to get to the moon," Aldrin stated.

"And as Neil says, that was sort of a small step for man, but to me the giant leap is establishing permanence on another planet."

Q If you'd like some sweet to go with that sour, Buffy and Avengers master Joss Whedon delivered a rather lovely, funny and thoughtful Commencement graduation speech at Wesleyan University last week (it's available in full on YouTube).

Sample quote: "So here's the thing about changing the world.

"It turns out that's not even the question, because you don't have a choice. You are going to change the world, because that is actually what the world is. You do not pass through this life, it passes through you.

"You experience it, you interpret it, you act, and then it is different."

Q Here's one for the ever-expanding 'Remakes/Reboots That Nobody Wanted (Hell We Didn't Even Want The Originals)' file.

Leprechaun, a 1993 schlocker about a killer Oirish leprechaun, is being brought back to life by WWE Studios, to be directed by a visual effects expert, Zach Lipovsky.

Sounds promising, eh?

Still, the original movie provided a break for a then young and unknown actress named Jennifer Aniston (pictured left), so who knews what gold might actually come from this new cinematic crock of shit?

Q Lastly, earlier this week, Reel Life swung by the Getty gallery in London's Soho for the launch of a state-of-the-art cinema exhibit devoted to movie posters for the summer's upcoming slate of flicks.

In the course of his opening remarks, host Alex Zane paid tribute to some of the classic movie posters of yore, as well as the great poster taglines accompanying the images.

Alas, that got Reel Life thinking of the really awful movie poster taglines inflicted upon cinemagoers.

Personal favourites include "Life is for living" (Charlie St Cloud), "Two agents. One city. No merci" (From Paris With Love), and "Laugh. Cry. Share the pants" (The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants).

But there really is no beating the blurb for Yogi Bear: "Great things come in bears".

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