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Friday 24 January 2020

De Niro drew on own life for film

Robert De Niro related to his character in Everybody's Fine
Robert De Niro related to his character in Everybody's Fine

Robert De Niro has said playing the daddy in Everybody's Fine was a doddle - because he could draw on his own experiences.

"I have five kids and two grandchildren, so I could easily draw on [my own experience] when it was applicable to this film," he said.

The Oscar winner plays a retired widower who sets off on a road trip across the US to reconnect with his children, played on screen by Kate Beckinsale, Drew Barrymore and Sam Rockwell.

"I can identify with this stuff, to say the least. I can understand what Frank is going through with his kids and that's what was so interesting to me," said the actor.

The original 1990 Italian version Stanno Tutti Bene saw Marcello Mastroianni portray the father character, and Robert felt no pressure to try and top it.

"It's a totally different movie style-wise and generationally, it was done almost 20 years ago. It was a blueprint and then Kirk (director Kirk Jones) took it and made it his own, then I as an actor made it my own," he said.

And the Raging Bull star isn't worried about how his children will respond to the film - and whether they'll see their dad in the character of Frank. "I think they'll see it eventually... God knows what they'll say," he added, smiling.

:: Everybody's Fine is in cinemas now.

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