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Dafoe doesn't have desire to direct


Willem Dafoe likes the 'irresponsibility' of being an actor

Willem Dafoe likes the 'irresponsibility' of being an actor

Willem Dafoe likes the 'irresponsibility' of being an actor

Willem Dafoe has revealed that he doesn't dream of being a director.

Despite his 30 years of acting experience, the John Carter star has no plans to head behind the cameras.

"I'm an actor so I like doing things, I don't like watching. And I also don't like the responsibility," he said.

"I think actors are afforded a certain level of irresponsibility and that is when I feel comfortable, making things or being creative. If there's too much responsibility, I tend to tense up."

Willem - who has received two Oscar nominations - admitted his career is a bit of a fluke. "I never had a plan A. I just bounced along and got lucky to be a working actor," he added.

He also revealed that he would like to work with Oscar-winning Taiwanese filmmaker Ang Lee: "I like Ang Lee very much. And he already knows. But there are many other people that I like."

While he has a dream director he'd like to collaborate with, the actor revealed he doesn't harbour dream roles.

"I never think of roles like that. I like roles when I don't quite know what they are, but I just have an instinct that finding out what they are or being them will be an interesting adventure," he continued.

"I'm always suspicious when I'm like, 'Oh, I want to play this role' because you have to know what it is ahead of time. That's normally a self-serving thing and when you serve yourself, that's the least interesting performances."

:: John Carter opens in cinemas on March 9.

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