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Monday 9 December 2019

Cronenberg ignored R-Patz's past

David Cronenberg reunited with Robert Pattinson on Maps To The Stars
David Cronenberg reunited with Robert Pattinson on Maps To The Stars

David Cronenberg has revealed it was easy for him to put aside Robert Pattinson's Twilight history.

The Canadian filmmaker admitted he neglected the English actor's past, playing a vampire in the big-screen adaptations of Stephenie Meyer's novels, as they reunited for new film Maps To The Stars.

"I have no problem ignoring that," he told The Hollywood Reporter.

"Of course I watched the first Twilight movie just to see what he was like and get a feel for his screen presence and so on and so on... By the time you're on the set, it's just the two of you making movies. You forget your own movies too."

David, who attended the New York Film Festival screening of the movie with Julianne Moore, praised Rob as "a wonderful actor", following their previous collaboration on Cosmopolis.

In Maps To The Stars, Rob plays a limo driver and aspiring screenwriter who strikes up a friendship with Mia Wasikowska's character as they both attempt to get inside the Hollywood industry.

"We had a good time on Cosmopolis," David said. "He told me that he was scared about Cosmopolis because he had not really wanted to do a movie where he was the lead and had the whole movie on his shoulders."

The 71-year-old director continued: "And of course in that movie he's in almost every scene. He said, 'One day I'd love to do an ensemble piece where there are a lot of good actors and [he's] just one of them'."

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