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Monday 20 January 2020

Close to be Guardian Of The Galaxy

Glenn Close has been linked to Guardians Of The Galaxy
Glenn Close has been linked to Guardians Of The Galaxy

Glenn Close is in "final negotiations" to join Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy, according to reports.

The six-time Oscar-nominated actress is tipped to play the leader of the space police force Nova Corps in James Gunn's upcoming movie, reported Deadline.

She would join John C Reilly, who is in line to portray Nova Corps agent Rhomman Dey.

Hugh Laurie and Ken Watanabe are also reportedly being considered for other roles in the film.

Chris Pratt, best known for his comedy work in Parks And Recreation, is leading the ensemble as half-alien, half-human Star-Lord.

Zoe Saldana and Dave Bautista have signed on to play a green-skinned alien assassin and a cosmic energy-blasting superhuman named Drax the Destroyer, while Michael Rooker is playing an alien named Yondu. Lee Pace will portray the movie's villain.

Shooting is set to begin in coming months in London, for a release in summer 2014.

Director James has teased that Guardians Of The Galaxy will blow all other superhero movies out of the water.

"We're assembling an amazing cast - I can't tell you how excited I am about it - and it's going to be an enormously huge movie. Imagine combining Star Wars and the Avengers and that's what Guardians is," he said.

"A lot of people don't know who the Guardians are and this is our chance to recreate them on the big screen in a new way. There's a lot of drama, comedy and action sequences like nobody will believe. We're going to reinvent the science-fiction movie."

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