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Clive: Meeting author was profound


Clive Owen said meeting Simon Carr was 'profound'

Clive Owen said meeting Simon Carr was 'profound'

Clive Owen said meeting Simon Carr was 'profound'

Clive Owen has described the day he met Simon Carr, who he plays in new movie The Boys Are Back, as very profound and moving.

The Closer star plays a single father to two young boys, left to raise them alone after his wife dies of cancer, based on Simon's real life memoirs of the same experience - and Clive chose not to meet him until filming was almost over.

Clive said: "It was a very profound day when he turned up on the set right towards the end - when you've done a film like that, that is terribly moving and is real, is part of someone's life, it's sort of a passage, a very important passage of all three of those guys' lives."

He added: "To meet them is quite a moving thing and you feel a sense of responsibility that you've done their story justice because they've lived it.

"I didn't want to meet him because I didn't want his physical being in my head really. I had strong instincts both with the script and with his memoir and I felt I wanted to be free to approach it - I didn't want to be constantly thinking of what he was really like, and I knew it would heavily influence me and affect me."

:: The Boys Are Back is released in cinemas on January 22.

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