Sunday 15 December 2019

Cillian: Inception is 'special'

Cillian Murphy says inception is 'something special'
Cillian Murphy says inception is 'something special'

Cillian Murphy has revealed Christopher Nolan's Inception will be "something special".

Momentum is building up around the Batman director's next film, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page and Marion Cotillard, but little is known about it with even the actors being kept in the dark.

The Irish star, who plays a character named Fischer, has only seen the trailer but hinted: "There's a reason why there's a level of secrecy about the plot, because I think it's going to be something special - it's something original and conceptual, I can say all of that, but you know, I've only seen as much as the trailer."

He continued: "That's as much as I've been privy to. I'm very excited about it. Even the trailer doesn't tell you what's going on and I like that - it's only to build up the anticipation so you can appreciate it for what it is worth."

Inception will mark the third collaboration between Cillian, whose next big screen outing is in Perrier's Bounty with Brendan Gleeson and Jim Broadbent, who previously appeared in Batman Begins and sequel The Dark Knight.

"He's a very special talent, Chris Nolan, as a writer and director. He's just made such fantastic films and is able to move between such genres with ease, so I think this will be special," he added.

:: Inception will be released on July 16.

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