Friday 15 November 2019

Chloe Moretz: New side to Hit Girl

Chloe Moretz says Hit Girl is more grown up in the Kick-Ass sequel
Chloe Moretz says Hit Girl is more grown up in the Kick-Ass sequel

Chloe Moretz has revealed Kick-Ass 2 will show a new, more personal side to her character Hit Girl.

The 15-year-old actress returns as the foul-mouthed, violent comic book character Mindy Macready in the film sequel, and told how the character has changed from when she played her aged 12 in the first movie.

Chloe said: "I'm not going back in time, which is good. I'm growing up with this, so it's just an older sophisticated version of Hit Girl.

"And we don't take away who she was but you see Mindy more in this movie and you see her struggle with who she is and try to figure out what she likes, if she likes this, if she likes that, who is she?"

The Let Me In actress stars in a new film adaptation of Carrie, Stephen King's 1974 novel that was made into an Oscar-nominated movie by Brian De Palma.

She said: "It was really funny because I only had a weekend off in between Carrie and Kick-Ass 2 so I went from wearing blood every day of my life for the last three weeks of shooting Carrie, to starting Kick-Ass.

"The first thing I shot was me in full Hit-Girl mode, knives, guns... it was so anti-climactic to go from being this really heartbroken character to be this strong, powerful woman."

Chloe admitted being covered with blood all day did lose it's charm.

She said: "It was probably the most fun for about the first two weeks of it and after that, it got sticky and wet and it was 40 degrees, but each day, the blood became something else.

"We had the wet blood and the fire blood and the dry blood and all different kinds of blood. Each day, the blood became part of who you are and I got used to going home every night covered in blood."

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