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Friday 22 November 2019

Channing and Jamie's dance off

Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell joked about having a 'dance-off' on the set of The Eagle
Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell joked about having a 'dance-off' on the set of The Eagle

Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell have joked that they communicated only through interpretive dance on the set of their historic epic The Eagle.

The two actors had their breakthrough roles in dance movies, Channing in Step Up and Jamie as a ballet dancer in Billy Elliot, and claimed to have had a dance-off in their Roman costumes, while filming Kevin Macdonald's new movie on location in Scotland.

Channing teased: "We just danced all the time. We actually couldn't talk to each other unless we were dancing we would interpretive dance everything."

Jamie added: "Exactly that, except in Roman Briton costume.

"Non stop dancing. Like wind-up monkeys, just dancing non-stop, it was amazing."

Meanwhile, screen hunk Channing confirmed reports he was working on a new movie about the origins story of Peter Pan with Shattered Glass writer and director Billy Ray and Alice In Wonderland producer Joe Roth, but denied he would be donning tights to play Pan himself.

Channing said: "I can't talk too much about it just yet I would love to though. I am definitely doing it with Joe Roth, and he's doing a lot of the big epics coming up, and with Billy Ray who is one of the most brilliant writers in Hollywood write now.

"But I will NOT be playing Peter Pan so everyone can relax!."

And Jamie will next be seen starring as Tintin in Steven Spielberg's much anticipated project. He said: "Steven Spielberg is a guy who needs zero introduction and he's a hero of mine and I think when you work with your heroes you don't want to be disappointed. I definitely wasn't, he was a joy to work with.

"He's also a massive Tintin fan so to have that experience was absolutely incredible."

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