Thursday 19 September 2019

Carey Mulligan calls on Government to rally support for children in war zones

The actress has met with the UK’s minister for the UN.

Lord Ahmad meets with War Child Ambassador Carey Mulligan at the Foreign Office in London (Tim P Whitby)
Lord Ahmad meets with War Child Ambassador Carey Mulligan at the Foreign Office in London (Tim P Whitby)

By Craig Simpson, Press Association

Carey Mulligan has called on the UK Government to galvanise global support for children in conflict zones.

The actress has said it is “crucial” the UK plays a leading role in driving the  international community to action over children affected by war.

She is an ambassador for the charity War Child, which provides care to  young people suffering through war or the aftermath of conflict.

Mulligan has met with the UK’s Minister of State for the United Nations in this capacity to discuss driving forward international action over war children.

She said: “To have a lasting impact on the one in six children globally that live in conflict zones it’s crucial that the UK Government  galvanises support across the international community to ensure that every child affected by war has the opportunity to realise their potential.

“War Child is committed to listening to the experiences of children affected by conflict and providing long-term solutions and supporting them to overcome their experiences and look forward to a meaningful future.”

Mulligan met UN Minister Lord Tariq Ahmad of Wimbledon to discuss the role the UK can play in helping children caught up in conflict.

Lord Ahmad said: This is a real and urgent problem, children affected by conflict are over twice as likely to be out of school.

“This problem needs international consensus to ensure that all children have the opportunity to access their full potential and stop the cycle of conflict.”

The UK has provided £800,000 over last five years to support children in conflict.

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