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Carell wants a taste of Oscars


Steve Carell stars in Foxcatcher

Steve Carell stars in Foxcatcher

Steve Carell stars in Foxcatcher

Steve Carell has joked that he would like to "taste" an Academy Award.

The 52-year-old actor has received Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nominations for his chilling performance as eccentric multi-millionaire and murderer John du Pont in Foxcatcher. There is also a strong Oscar buzz, which has previously eluded him.

"I'm not thinking about it much," he said. "It's a nice thing - I'm happy the movie is being embraced the way it is, and it seems to be resonating with people... But you can't think about it, because if it doesn't happen, you're terribly let down."

But the father-of-two jokingly added: "I am sick for it. I would literally like to taste an Oscar. I'd like to see what an Oscar tastes like."

Steve, best known for his comedic performances in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Anchorman and the US version of The Office, found out about his Golden Globe nod while at home with the family.

"I had to get the kids ready for school and they saw it online, so that was the first I heard of it. I went on AOL and it popped up, so I thought, 'That's cool'," he recalled. "But there was nothing romantic about it, because then I made toast and waffles for my son and took him to school."

He admitted to having doubts before he signed on.

"It was scary, because it wasn't [like] anything I had done before, it was uncharted territory for me," Steve said.

"But in virtue of that, I wanted to do it, and I thought it was a good choice, because whenever you're a little bit afraid or apprehensive, that's a sign you should take it on. That's how you grow and learn."

:: Foxcatcher opens in cinemas on January 9.

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