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Cannes not Brian's cup of tea but Amy proves a smash hit


Romance: Brian and Amy

Romance: Brian and Amy

Romance: Brian and Amy

THE Cannes Film Festival may be the glitziest event in the international film calender, but Amy Huberman has revealed how she left Brian O’Driscoll at home because pressing the flesh with industry chiefs just isn’t his cup of tea.

The Clinic star has been dating the Ireland rugby captain for the past year and they even took the big step of moving into his Clonskeagh home a few months ago.

But it seems that the rugby star is still more than content to take a back seat and let his gorgeous girlfriend step into the limelight on the Cote d’Azur, which is currently thronged with A-listers.

“I wasn’t over there that long and he was working in Ireland at the weekend.

Brian was very excited for me, of course, but it’s not a world that he knows very well. We do such different things and he just wouldn’t have been into something like that,” she told the Herald. “For me, it was all about working and meeting people. I was representing myself over there and it was all about my new movie so that was the main focus.”

She flew over to Cannes for the weekend to promote her film Meteorites and Satellites which premiered there last Saturday.

And Amy, who was there with the movie’s writer and director Rick Larkin, obviously left a lasting impression on some industry chiefs as she has now been invited to attend the Montreal Film Festival in August. “I didn’t actually go into the cinema to watch it – I sat outside instead and no-one walked out, which I was delighted with!” she continued.

“It got a really good response and we have been invited to screen it at the Montreal festival this summer which was really cool.

The whole trip was a bit of a whirlwind, it was very tiring but I really enjoyed it.” Yet despite pressing the flesh in France over the weekend, Amy has ruled out any possible move to LA to pursue her film career as things are going too well for her in Ireland.

“I had a taste of that when I went to London and it’s just not for me. I’m really happy here at the moment. I have no interest in leaving my friends and family to uproot to another country, it wouldn’t have any appeal for me,” she added.

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