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Busy movie future for Chastain


Jessica Chastain has a raft of movies coming out in 2011

Jessica Chastain has a raft of movies coming out in 2011

Jessica Chastain has a raft of movies coming out in 2011

Jessica Chastain may be the busiest actress in Hollywood people haven't heard of yet.- but with as many as half a dozen films rolling into cinemas in the coming months, she's about to become famous fast.

And the veteran stage actress fears audeinces are going to get tired of her pretty quickly.

Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life, in which she co-stars with Brad Pitt and Sean Penn - opens in the US this week after a long delay while the director continued to tinker with the film.

Some of her other films, among them the Holocaust-revenge thriller The Debt with Dame Helen Mirren, were delayed because of distribution troubles, so they are now coming to cinemas around the same time as dramas she shot more recently, including this summer's best-seller adaptation The Help.

Three other Chastain films - Coriolanus with Ralph Fiennes, Take Shelter with Michael Shannon and The Fields, reuniting her with The Debt co-star Sam Worthington - are also tentatively scheduled to come out by the end of the year.

"I'm just nervous that I'm going to be the newcomer that everyone's sick of, and they don't even know my name. People are like, 'Why is this girl in every single movie I'm seeing this fall?'," Jessica said in an interview in Cannes.

When she first met director Malick, Jessica thought that because of his reputation as a recluse, "perhaps he'll be all in black, wearing a black turtleneck, smoking a cigarette, listening to, like, beatnik poetry," she said.

"And it couldn't be more different. I met him at a restaurant and he was wearing a very brightly coloured shirt. He had a huge smile on his face ... He couldn't be more different from that perception."

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