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Browning's cabin fever on film set


Emily Browning stars in psychological thriller Magic Magic

Emily Browning stars in psychological thriller Magic Magic

Emily Browning stars in psychological thriller Magic Magic

Emily Browning has revealed she got cabin fever on the isolated set of her new film Magic Magic.

The Summer In February star appears alongside Michael Cera and Juno Temple in the psychological thriller about an American student, played by Juno, whose holiday in Chile becomes a nightmare when she becomes convinced all her friends are against her.

Emily, who plays Juno's character's cousin, revealed: "We were all living together in this house on a lake in the south of Chile and we were pretty isolated. The people in the film were the only people I saw while I was there.

"The first week it was a little difficult to get used to, I'm used to city noises and it was dead quiet and it was an old creaky house, so it was a little scary sometimes."

Emily admitted she could relate to the theme in the film of feeling unsettled in a strange place.

She explained: "The first kind of quarter of the film my character is back in Santiago, and I was there while they were filming those scenes and so I had a lot of time in the house by myself. I definitely understand those panicky moments of being like 'Oh my God! I'm here in a foreign country, completely alone and I don't know what I'm doing.'

"I remember being so relieved on the days I had off when everyone would come back and I probably seemed like a crazy little possum that had been trapped in the house, and was like 'Please talk to me, please give me a hug!' That was terrifying."

In the film the friends all jump off a high rock into the lake, and Emily revealed she was terrified of doing it.

"My response when I come up from the water is completely, completely genuine. It was pretty ridiculously cold and scary!

"The first day we got to the house Sebastian [Silva, the director] said to everyone, 'Let's go and jump off the cliff into the lake to practice!' And I said no.

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"Everyone said, 'You're too scared you're not going to do it on the day'. And I said, 'Trust me, when you have the camera rolling I'll do it, but it's not the kind of thing I want to do for fun. It looks freezing and there's sharp rocks.'

"So the first day we got there everybody did it but me."

:: Magic Magic will be released in cinemas and on Virgin Movies from April 18, and on DVD from April 28, 2014.

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