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Bond v Bourne Battle of super-spies

The clothes

Bond Like a classic car, Bond seldom changes the formula. When he isn't wearing a smart tuxedo, you'll see him in the elegant camouflage gear or a pricey bit of scuba-diving kit. Assuming Craig's been back at the gym, the ripped torso he debuted in Casino Royale may even have a cameo in Bond 23.

Jason Bourne (Left, played by Matt Damon)Undercover agent whose mission is to be as nondescript as possible, the Bourne trilogy star could pass for an office worker on a budget.

Verdict Bond

The quips

Bond Even in his new incarnation as a cold-blooded killer, Bond knows the value of a good sign-off. What's the point in dispatching a megalomaniac villain if you can't deliver a natty one-liner at the end?

Bourne More likely to kick your door down, nut you between the eyes and then jump out your back window without pausing for breath than engage in protracted dialogue, Matt Damon's character clearly isn't one for small talk.

Verdict Bond

The Killer instinct

BondWhich Bond are we talking about? Daniel Craig's 007 would probably shoot you in the back and then polish off his martini. It's hard to imagine Pierce Brosnan or Roger Moore being so calculated, however.

Bourne Come on! The guy is a trained assassin. If you want a bleeding heart, you've come to the wrong place. Unless you actually want him to literally rip it out of someone's chest. Verdict Bourne

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