Monday 20 January 2020

Blunt: I'm like an Energiser Bunny

Emily Blunt revealed she likes to have fun when she's making movies
Emily Blunt revealed she likes to have fun when she's making movies

Emily Blunt has confessed some people might find her annoying to work with as she likes to "jump around like the Energiser Bunny" on set.

The 29-year-old actress stars with Ewan McGregor in new romance Salmon Fishing In The Yemen, and while Ewan heaped praise on her for being so entertaining, she admitted she couldn't take work too seriously.

Emily said: "I always try and have a good time. I think if you approach anything being too earnest or intense it certainly doesn't do me any favours anyway. I think it should be fun.

"People should work hard and prepare and be there but I don't think it should be a sort of intense unhappy process. So I do tend to jump around like the Energiser Bunny which I'm sure can be really annoying at times, but it's fun."

The Devil Wears Prada star also said people shouldn't be put off by the title of her new film.

She said: "I feel like the title people have had an issue with but it's what the book's called and the book was a big seller, so I don't think it should put people off too much.

"The film isn't about salmon fishing, it's about the impossible being made possible and it's a beautiful romantic love story between two people. The heart of the film is the romance."

Emily added that her mum revealing it was her favourite book clinched taking the role for her.

She said: "I'd already decided that I loved it because the script just leapt away from the crowd of other scripts that weren't very good.

"So when I called mum and said I think I'm going to do this salmon fishing movie and she said, 'Salmon Fishing In thT Yemen?' And I was amazed that she knew and she said 'It's one of my favourite books'."

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