Wednesday 20 March 2019

Banderas proud of new animation

Antonio Banderas voices the role of Sir Clorex in the film
Antonio Banderas voices the role of Sir Clorex in the film

Antonio Banderas has said how proud he is to bring his passion project Justin and the Knights of Valour to the big screen ten years after it was first started.

The Hollywood heart-throb was at London's May Fair Hotel for the premiere of the animated movie, joined by his co-stars Tamsin Egerton, Saoirse Ronan and Olivia Williams.

Justin and the Knights of Valour stars the voice of Freddie Highmore as Justin, a young boy who embarks on a quest to become a knight.

Producer Antonio revealed: "A certain passion was born when I started doing animation in 2003 with a character Puss in Boots that was part of the series of Shrek.

"About that time some people from Spain came to me with some drawings and some videos to tell the story of their animation, and I fell in love with the project.

"We developed our own software and programmes, and eventually we decided to go with a feature all in 3D, all made in the south of Spain."

Antonio voices the role of Sir Clorex, a palace cleaner who pretends to be a knight to impress the ladies. He revealed: "Puss in Boots is a real hero, this guy is an impostor, somebody who pretends to be what he's not. But what he brings to the story is a lot of humour."

Saoirse, 19, voices feisty barmaid Talia, who Justin falls for, while Egerton, 24, plays the role of snooty but beautiful Lara. Saoirse confessed she loved how she was able to use her own Dublin accent for her tomboy character.

She said: "I quite liked that she was very, very Irish. I think my Dublin accent came out even stronger when I realised how feisty she was going to be. It's always nice to see characters like that, especially in children's films."

The film is out in cinemas on Friday September 13.

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