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Bale not worried about censorship


Christian Bale

Christian Bale

Christian Bale

Christian Bale has said he isn't concerned with what Chinese government censors approved or cut from his new film The Flowers Of War.

The film is set during the Japanese army's brutal 1937 rampaging of Nanjing, known as the Rape of Nanking, and sees the Batman actor playing a mortician who pretends to be a priest and works to protect two groups of young women inside a Catholic cathedral during the invasion.

Bale said: "I just do what I do. What happens after I'm wrapped is always out of my hands. It doesn't matter which country that's in. ... Which scenes get chosen, which scenes get cut, that has nothing to do with me."

The dialogue in the movie - which marks the 37-year-old's return to the country where he launched his Hollywood career in 1987 with Steven Spielberg's Empire Of The Sun - is divided between Mandarin and English, and Bale said he picked the project to get outside his comfort zone and work with director Zhang Yimou.

"I have a great sense of adventure, and whatever adventure I can take out of moviemaking, I'm going to," said the star, who won a supporting actor Oscar for last year's The Fighter.

''So I hope that not just with China but with internationally that we'll start to get much more mixing of nationalities and film cultures. And I think we're going to get some really interesting results from that."

Bale used an interpreter to communicate with Zhang during production and said they used gestures and developed "a good kind of a shorthand, kind of a lingua franca" to get through scenes.

The Flowers Of War was at the top of the Chinese box office last year and is being released in the US this week.

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