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Aqib fitted right into Sajid role


Aqib Khan could relate to his West Is West alter-ego

Aqib Khan could relate to his West Is West alter-ego

Aqib Khan could relate to his West Is West alter-ego

West Is West star Aqib Khan has revealed he already had a strong connection to the character of Sajid Khan before he was cast in the sequel to hit comedy East Is East.

The teenager plays George Khan's cheeky, wayward youngest son in the film, taking over the role from Jordan Routledge who played him in East Is East, when he was constantly seen dressed in a parka coat.

Aqib, who plays Sajid, said: "People used to call me Sajid when I was younger. When I was nine or ten I had a duffle coat with the fur along the hood and I was wearing it and some guy goes 'He looks like that kid from East Is East'".

He added: "When I found out there was going to be an East Is East sequel I started jumping up and down immediately. Everyone I know has seen it at least a million times. It's a must-watch film.

"Filming it was great, everyone was lovely and watching Mr Om Puri everyday, I just learned something new, he's such a fantastic mentor, it was great."

The film sees Aqib taken to Pakistan by his father in a bid to teach him to behave, but George ends up learning a lesson himself as he becomes torn between his duty to his family in Pakistan and his love for English wife Ella.

Actor Om, who plays George, said: "People enjoyed East Is East, there was a lot of humour, but West Is West also has lots of humour, but also a lot of drama and emotions which people will identify with."

West Is West is released on February 25.

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