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Tuesday 15 October 2019

Amy Schumer reveals Moore of herself in Instagram Story

The actress and comedian superimposed her face on to Demi Moore’s body in the Hollywood star’s famous Vanity Fair cover from 1991.

Amy Schumer (PA)
Amy Schumer (PA)

By Julia Hunt, Press Association Entertainment Correspondent

Amy Schumer has shared a picture of her face superimposed on Demi Moore’s naked, pregnant body.

The 37-year-old actress and comedian is expecting her first child.

She posted an image of Hollywood star Moore’s famous Vanity Fair cover in 1991 – in which she is nude and heavily pregnant, with one arm across her chest and the other cradling her bump – on her Instagram Story.

Image from Amy Schumer’s Instagram Story (Amy Schumer Instagram)

Schumer replaced Moore’s face with her own, however, and the headline was  altered to read “More Amy Moore” instead of “More Demi Moore”.

The star and her husband, Chris Fischer, married in February and announced in late October they were expecting their first child together.

She has been battling severe morning sickness, known as hyperemesis gravidarum during her pregnancy and last month had to cancel the remainder of her tour.

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