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Wednesday 21 August 2019

Americans have no more to learn from UK - Michael Moore

Film-maker Michael Moore says David Cameron and Tony Blair tried to emulate America
Film-maker Michael Moore says David Cameron and Tony Blair tried to emulate America

David Cameron and Tony Blair have tried so hard to emulate America that there is nothing to learn from the UK any more, documentary film-maker Michael Moore has said.

The left-wing political activist is best known for his documentaries Bowling For Columbine, about American gun violence; Sicko, about the health care industry; and Fahrenheit 9/11, about the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

In his latest film, Where To Invade Next, Moore visits other countries to see what the USA can learn from them - but said the UK did not make the grade.

Speaking at the Los Angeles premiere of the film at AFI Fest, he said: "The countries had to be funny so the UK was out, there is nothing funny about David Cameron, it's just kind of boring there.

"He and Blair tried so much to be like the United States there was nothing more to learn from the UK."

But he said Americans could take a lesson from the importance of teamwork in British sports and apply it areas such as health care.

"To me it's like the difference between European football and American football. In what we call soccer, it is structured round the concept of 'we' and our football is around the concept of 'me' and 'I've got the ball, to hell with the rest of you, I'm taking off'," he said.

"Even in rugby there is a sense of if you have the ball and you're going down, you say, 'Here Joe, take the ball, you go, don't worry about me'.

"In our American exceptionalism, when we score a point we get six points. We have only scored one goal but we get six points. It is that 'me' thinking versus the 'we' thinking and I would like to operate more on the concept of 'we' in this country."

With a year to go before Americans go to the polls and right-wing Republican candidates such as Donald Trump and Ben Carson dominating headlines, Moore said the race to be the GOP (Grand Old Party) candidate was "performance art".

He added: "It's like the political gene pool has been so depleted, like when you make a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy and end up with Trump and Carson and Rubio and these guys.

"They are the dying dinosaurs; they are so out of touch with the American public."

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